Always outnumbered, never outgeeked.

2013 Year In Review

Looking back, 2013 was a fantastic year personally, full of new experiences and adventures. I went the route that it was better to have experiences, than to have material posessions. I guess it’s too early to be certain, but at least right now, that definitely feels like the better choice. Some of those experiences included:

  • Traveling around the world, after 17 years of living vicariously through travel shows.
  • Helping out my friends at Whitetruffle & Minted with some of their infrastructure.
  • Celebrating Jen & I’s 10th wedding anniversary by sightseeing around California.
  • Helping Jen get two of her bucket list items checked off (Running in the NYC Marathon, and driving a really fast car).
  • Having an absolute blast working at PagerDuty.

I’m grateful to know so many wonderful people (around the whole world!), and to be fortunate enough to have had so many adventures.

Of course, it’s not all roses. There were some not-so-great things this year, such as the NSA leaks by Snowden, or the various governmental turmoil, and the often-occuring-but-never-acceptable natural and manmade disasters that took far too much life. I feel frustrated, and often search for more things I can do to help, but sometimes wonder how any amount of effort will make a difference. How do I balance out these two extremes?

Meanwhile, I think it’s time to plan for 2014.