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Gardening with no space

While visiting a friend in St. Louis, he showed off his recent gardening efforts. I was impressed at how much work he’d put into it, and how wonderful it looked. Living in San Francisco has many upsides, but one drawback is that it can be easy to lose touch with actually growing something.

Thus I decided to put together a small windowsill garden, and see how well it fares with apartment living. Beforehand, I gathered up some supplies:


Specifially, I got:

  • 4 windowsill pots (plastic), ~60cm by ~20cm by ~20cm
  • 2 spearmint plants
  • 2 onion chive plants
  • Potting soil

You’d also need a cutting tool of some kind, a little bit of workspace, and gloves if you prefer.

I picked spearmint and chives, because both need a moderate amount of sunlight, but can deal with the occasional bit of fog. Also, I like mint juleps and mashed potatoes with sour cream.

First up, I needed to introduce some drain holes in the bottom of the pot, because too much water can be just as bad as too little:

g2 g3

Now the problem was, how to avoid getting water or dirt all over the floor with our newly ventilated pots. I decided to use the unmodified pots as drain pans, which worked out pretty well:

g4 g5

Next up was filling the base of the pots with a layer of soil for the plants to rest on:

g6 g9

Then it was time to prepare the plants. The ones I picked up specifically had a biodegradable cover surrounding them. No shaking out the roots required. So we cut off the label…

g10 g11

…and removed the top lip and bottoms of the biodegradable cover…

g12 g16

…and placed the plant in the pot:


Lather, rinse, repeat for the other plants, then fill the pots up the rest of the way with potting soil up to the lip of the plants:


And try not to fall out the window admiring our assembly work: